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Sure, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster has made Martavis Bryant expendable in Pittsburgh, but the three WRs taken in the top 10, Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross, have combined for just 11 catches through nine weeks.

The folks over at r/NBA compiled a simple statistical comparison between the two, while the Worldwide Leader went into a bit more detail for their breakdown with an assortment of graphs, tables and charts.

Jordan's shadow still looms large over the NBA, but we're a decade and a half into Le Bron's career and Le Bron is doing things that Jordan never did.

If you have any concerns that your relationship is not healthy or may even be violent or abusive, talk to an adult you trust .

Here's how this works: Think about each statement below.

Brief mental lapses aside, both Leonard Fournette and Christian Mc Caffrey have given their teams exactly what they were hoping for when their franchises made them top-10 picks back in April.