Dating sim for guys

4- I notice you haven't update the game since August 2015. 5- It's pointless buying: If I go out with girls I'll have the same reaction if I buy the cheat tickets or the expensive ones and the in game buying things are unnecessary.Nobody wants to buy something just to have a lazy happy ending. Well, your idea was good, the art is cute the whole thing of freely going to places, dating different girls, decision making it's all great but it needs work.The only thing that discouraged me is that the entire time I wanted to get with Ruri and got decent progress however and it's obvious she possessed feeling for you; but Chinatsu is forced and it sorta defeats the entire purpose and synopis of the game saying you can actually pick/choose your beloved girl.

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I hope you take time and update it or make a new game with all these things in mind. I literally played this game for eight hours straight; beat it and somehow got a bad ending.

I love the dynamics, decision making and dating scheme.

The only decisions that change the story is the subjects you study and your grades.

2- You'll never visit other house than Chinatsu: Then why the map says girls houses?

Capture instant memories with the snap of your Camera.o(*≧▽≦)ツo(*≧▽≦)ツo(*≧▽≦)ツo(*≧▽≦)ツContact us: [email protected] had so much fun even if i just finished it in 5 hours gehehe i noticed it is outdated but i will keep this app so that i can kill time when i am bored or depressed maybe ill play it always well i already played it 4times gehehe well i was embarassed on the hotsprings tho chinatsu was able to get me inlove with her so she is my 2nd bae and i think she's cute when she says thank you and when she is embarassed especially when i dated her to swimming i agree with Ito it really fits her body and i agree iy still wasnt enough to spend the hole day i wanted to spend more time but i think it was for the best the a man should look a girl because we really are boys we cant resist a girls beautiful body just like Ito said gehehe well it is a fun game please download it if your bored you can kill time using this app it is very fun well dont be like me got adicted and still playing it gehehe i think im prpud of myself hehe anyways the girls here are also cute "especially chinatsu" gehehe whoooo so cool and romantic almost made me cry in the world tree confession thing but i couldnt cry its like my eyes stopped me gehehe pity eyes well have fun "Estalabista!