Dating someone who is bipolar side effects trus dating sites

This is a Titanic sinking and dragging our entire lives under the sea kind of going wrong.

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When we last spoke I said that I understand the need for space, but I’m afraid my partner will just completely let go of me.

If your thoughts are something like this and you are confused, you aren’t alone. A usual pattern is that you and your partner met a few months ago and you both realised you were great for each other. And now – now you find that you and your partner have stopped doing fun activities together, or have simply stopped doing the things that hold a relationship together. You are feeling that your partner may be avoiding you or is not communicating.

When I say everything goes wrong in a depression episode, I really mean it.

This is not a bad hair day kind of things going wrong.

Positive relationships are a crucial lifeline for those living with a mental illness.