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But love and understanding of the other will see you through.” – Jill Curtis, Author Of How To Get Married …

Again (A Guide To Second Weddings) “Your concerns and misgivings are certainly understandable.

“I am definitely in love with him, married to him.” Dion’s husband of almost 22 years died in January 2016 at the age of 73 after a long battle with throat cancer.

And, I’ve also experienced this from the standpoint of a second wife to a man whose wife is still alive and who left him with a lot of pain and grief in the process.

My husband used to call me by his ex wife’s name whenever I’d remind him of something she used to do.

Remember she is understandably loyal to the memory of her husband, and loyal to you now in the present by promising to marry.

I don’t think her silence did indicate that she would rather be with someone else – but putting the past behind you and taking hold of the future can be difficult and takes time.

Do your best not to take his feelings for her personally, as some sort of reflection about how he feels about you.

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