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She does share her girlfriends with her husband and they do have 3-somes etc..

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It doesn't seem to bother my boyfriend but he's set boundaries ---------------------------------------------------------------------well it must have bothered him or there'd be no boundaries now would there?? But to answer the OP question, I wouldn't want a LT with a bi gal, the woman I want to be with has to be 100% sure of her sexuality for me, she has to like my junk and my body.

I actually ended a casual date for this reason, she never admitted of being a "bi", but, she wasn't sure of what she wanted, so I parted in a friendly way. Going off to lick some woman's carpet would still fall under the definition of cheating.

I know that if the woman I was seeing/with did that me....

it would be an eye for eye situation and I would go out licking some carpet too."Not that I disagree with you on what you have said about the entire cheating part...though I do think if it was an eye for eye thing..would have to go out and suck some dyck..i'm bi as well and in a LT relationship with a female. but i was married for 10 years and it wasnt an issue.

I'll admit that the things she did has me thinking that I don't want to be with a bisexual woman again, but I know that I won't let that alone be a determining factor. With communication, those things shouldn't be a problem. If she's bisexual, then she'll understand my opinions and honor my wishes where that's concerned.