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Women who are outspoken about their sexuality are already deemed as suspect, even when they’re heterosexual.There is, society seems to believe, something wrong with women who are unafraid to voice sexual needs, who enjoy having sex, who don’t necessarily see their interests leaning in the direction of long-term romantic and sexual relationships.The expression of bisexual sexuality is varied and diverse, because human sexuality is diverse; curious indeed that we should feel a need, as a society, to marginalise bisexual women by writing them off as ‘sluts’ who sleep around.

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Some heterosexual women are promiscuous because they enjoy it.

And there’s nothing wrong with promiscuity, much though society seems to want to think so.

Why is it that bisexuality terrifies us so much, to the point that we feel the need to isolate and condemn women for their sexuality?

What is it about bisexuality that makes people so deeply uneasy, and convinced that they know everything about a person on the basis of her sexual orientation?

Women in this society are expected to be meek, complacent, not sexual, and if they are, only within the carefully described boundaries of ‘legitimate’ relationships as defined by society.