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Or you can be like me, and have zero self- control, and continue to text despite all of the warnings. I see people all around me on different spectrums of this scale, and I sympathize with all sides.

On one hand, it seems silly to be hung up on someone you’ve only met once (and texted a lot, obvi), but on the other hand, texting someone constantly allows that person to make a subconscious imprint on your life, whether you like it or not.

” text (These questions spilled out of me way too easily, which is quite worrisome, but also proves my point.) As demonstrated above, texting leads to validation and confusion all at once.

As our dating culture becomes dependent on dating websites, so does our need for instant gratification, and development of relationships through our phone.

This behavior is something men are more guilty of than women ( and I don't just mean the pictures of genitals, although that goes without saying). Why on earth would you want to know what Susie is doing, when you have zero interest of inviting Susie out? That person just wants to feel better about their shitty mundane day, and you have become their regular “pick me-up”.