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Thank you There will be a donation in hope of this site preventing such dishonesty and ruining things for women who truly wish to become a wester wife! I informed this woman she would be posted as a scammer and I am going to contact authorities so hopefully she will be investigated! I think, that for That time that we with you are copied, we were very much pulled together and between us has appeared Feeling, I think, that we are necessary each other.

Together with the mum we to clean carpets and to wash windows. Already warmly, and we with pleasure to go for a walk. I to tell, I to receive the letter from the American man.

We like to go for a walk in urban park and to tell each other histories.

I saw the mum and me too to want to bring up children!

I to not regret, I to choose a profession of the teacher!

In Russia the men are able only to have a drink and to drag the woman in bed.