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Our cisheteropatriarchal society has very specific codes for being perceived as a cis woman, and Violet expresses what it’s like to instinctively police yourself to protect yourself as a trans woman, as well as instinctively checking your own identity as it compares to cis people.

— trans women should not have to appeal to the male gaze to be recognized as female (ie, many cis conversations surrounding Caitlyn Jenner), but transmisogyny and prescriptive standards of womanhood often heavily shape these experiences.

Paige eventually calls Lisa out for her ignorance, explicitly citing how liberal-minded feminists and queer people can be just as or more dangerous as outright hatred, their ostensible well-meaning obscuring their actual prejudices and lack of intersectional consciousness.

Violet also has choices taken away from her at the onset of the show.

Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine were papped arriving together.