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"When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people you have ever encountered, and you find the leader to be the most inspired, caring, compassionate and understanding person you have ever met, and then you learn the cause of the group is something you never dared hope could be accomplished, and all of this sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

Today I’m very happy to present you a guest post by a great fellow Japan blogger. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, and I highly recommend reading his blog. You’ll learn what life in Japan is really like – in a funny and sometimes sarcastic way. This has had some mixed results, but at least my wardrobe looks fantastic and my cholesterol level is nice and low.

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He’s hot, he’s single, and his daughter Sophie is adorable. But like a crummy, stinky, inept witch who will never live up to the Matheson family name or the greatness of her mother or grandmother.... They’ve taken their wives, their children, and their three delightful sisters, and removed to the most wintery estate they have to set the scene. Read more During Garrett Addison’s first week on the job as a criminal investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, his team is called out to a murder scene of a young girl.

After pouring a decade of his life into his company, Dylan felt like had nothing to show for it. Imagine my surprise when my new boss turns out to be movie star Elliott Clark! Not like a cool bad witch, who kicks ass and takes names while being evil in the process. It’s Christmas Eve, and the Gerrard brothers mean to make the most of it.

Which is a shame, because I was kind of into that whole witch thing.

Then a few months later, I met a Japanese girl in a club in Roppongi.

Gotta quit eating this extra-large pizza while I type.