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Yet, every tour you always have that one surprising spot where you are really like “wow I wasn't expecting that.” Baltimore, for instance, two nights ago we played and it was sold out to five thousand people and we would not have expected that. My favorite concert was Rage Against the Machine; it was just out of control. Or as long as it remains fun and people keep coming to the shows then we will continue to do it.We feel that we have built a solid foundation and that we could continue doing this for a while.

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The last album we put out was very mellow so we wanted to step out of the box a little bit with more up tempo songs.

We wanted to step out of our comfort zone a bit by having some hip-hop and just bigger beats, and I think we achieved what we wanted to accomplish.

We had the opportunity to meet-up with Dirty Heads backstage at one of their recent summer shows, and had a brief, yet nice chat about their newly released album, Sound of Change, what the recording and writing process is like for them, and a few of their favorite musical aspects.

Read on to discover more about Dirty Heads: : We made it a bigger album than we normally would.

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