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And if you have no choice, you can use the traditional method : flash tools specific to your device Often the first time you launch Framaroot by selecting Gandalf as exploit, it crash Framaroot.

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To handle this case Framaroot try to use a trick by adding “ro.kernel.qemu=1” in file /data/

To test if this trick work you have to reboot your device and connect to it with adb shell.

Locutus, Ashraf, dot Tech and anyone else except yourself are not responsible for any gain, loss, or harm done to you, your device, or your data. However some programs, like Super One Click, have managed to get fairly close to the end goal of a universal rooting program, and some others, like z4root, even allow rooting from the comfort of your hand (no computer required). That means you can root your phone, from the convenient location your phone! To do this, go to Menu Applications (or Security) and check “Unknown Sources”.

(If it’s greyed out, that means that your carrier has decided to be mean and block sideloading.

Free it with one of several free tools for i OS, Android, Windows RT, and web OS!

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