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You can hop from page to page or just read it straight through; either way, you will find amusing anecdotes, from the first time he had gay sex to the time Scott Caan tried to get into a “fight” with him. Dustin Diamond is one of the “more unpleasant people” he has had to work with. Screech, for the kids' movie Purple People Eater, and he was not impressed: "[Diamond] goes out of his way to offend pretty much every person he comes across.” He also addresses Diamond’s accusation in his book Behind the Bell that NPH and Ed Alonzo (Max on Saved by the Bell) had an affair: “It’s a completely false story that propagates a vicious lie to the grand total of twenty-three people who buy his book, presumably ironically.” (Or, you know, for work.) 2. In the early '90s, sexually confused NPH was out on a date with Eden Sassoon, daughter of Vidal, when Scott Caan tried to start a fight with him.

Caan and Sassoon were former paramours, so Caan started bumping his chest against NPH and yelling, “What’s up with the West Side, yo?

The Suez affair was all the more astonishing because throughout his political life Eden had been, as he put it in his cathartic broadcast in the middle of the crisis on November 3, 1956, "a man of peace, working for peace, striving for peace, negotiating for peace.

I am still the same man, with the same convictions, the same devotion to peace.

Eden's credibility was all the stronger because he had resigned as foreign secretary in 1938 over the Chamberlain Government's appeasement of Mussolini's Italy, and had been Churchill's wartime foreign secretary from 1940 to 1945 and also during Churchill's peacetime premiership from 1951 to 1955.