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Tinder is not a threat to these people because the social scene will always be its own area of dating.

On top of all of this, Tinder is bringing more of an awareness to the flaws in online dating and benefiting us by the questions it is bringing up about our current dating scene.

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This means that many relationships cultivated through online dating websites are beginning with the two partners communicating and getting to know each other on a more private level.

have become more favorable and more adults have turned to these websites to find a match.

Yes, it will get you faster dates and possibly more sex. On one hand, Tinder is helping the current dating scene by speeding things up.

With traditional online dating sites, you’re kind of thrown into a huge pool of people who are just browsing around aimlessly and chatting with people they believe may or may not want them.

Even with online dating sites like POF and Ok Cupid, which I have experience with in the past, it was hit or miss.