Email for online dating

Here’s an example of how I’m implementing a similar campaign for Vero (a Saa S application).I’m sending the following email to customers who have not signed in for 10 days: In our case I’m making an assumption that customers care about conversions and that this email will encourage them to improve their campaigns by running an A/B test.I recently spent some time working with one of the founders of 7pm Anywhere about activating new customers.

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Email for online dating

Zoosk repeats the CTA multiple times in it’s emails and always anchors the CTA on the name of the profile user.

This is a powerful trick as it is much more personal and draws the reader in. How can you gamify your campaigns around your core building block?

Ok Cupid send this ‘new matches’ email on a weekly basis: It features new profiles that match specific, previous search conditions you set.

The email is clean, clear and uses a clever layout to make it very easy for you to click through and visit any of the recommended profile.

Another example of a simple, clear email template with a single call to action is this one from Badoo: That big, blue call to action and the name of the girl are the only things you can click: there is nothing else.