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Do Kyung knew of his impending death but with his life on the line, he loved with all his heart and always took her side. I’d want to always be on the same side of the woman I love.” “Park Do Kyung can’t help but be prickly and cold.

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In 2014 a rumour about Mun and Na dating was reported by local media outlets, but they denied the reports.

As the rumour resurfaced, Mun's agency confirmed the relationship on Feb 23.

Na, 26, made her debut as a child actress via director Kim Ki-duk’s “Address Unknown” in 2001.

She also appeared on MBC’s 16-episode TV drama “Over the Rainbow” and the MBC sitcom “High Kick!

He posted a letter to fans on the band's official social media page on Monday morning (April 17) to announce his upcoming marriage with his girlfriend of three years.

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