Find meanings of the dating abbreviations

If you meet the conditions, your place will be made unconditional (meaning you’ve got a place on the course) – if not, the offer will be declined.

Conservatoire – a provider of performance-based music, dance, screen, and drama courses.

If you fall into the latter category, you could probably do with a few pointers on what to say and when to say it! DTR : When you’re stuck in the no-man’s land between seeing each other and actually being in a fully fledged relationship.

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When we use the term 'uni' or 'university', this is often a generic reference that incorporates colleges too.

For example, when we say 'applying to university', we mean 'applying to university or college', but in a more concise way.

Entry requirements – this is what the course provider recommends you need to do/have to get on the course – from qualifications and specific subjects or grades, to interviews, admissions tests, and medical requirements.

You aren't guaranteed an offer if you meet or already have these.

It's a word you add to your application when you register to make a UCAS Undergraduate application (unless you're applying independently).