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A prosecutor does not have an obligation to protect prominent members of the community.

Zahnd telephoned Donna Nash, former Platte County Collector, prior to the sentencing hearing to give her a “heads up” that the letter she had sent to the judge is public information and to question if she was up to date on the facts of the case.

Perhaps, if you’re the skittish type, you might even temporarily feel a lack of control over your bodily functions. And it should not be a career-damaging moment for a widely respected prosecutor.

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Zahnd said--and I can personally vouch for him on this--that he has always been a supporter of the fact that our courts are open and transparent.

I can tell you there is no elected official I have dealt with over the years who has been as transparent and easy to work with in regard to obtaining public information as Eric Zahnd.

The girl was being ostracized in the community and at school.

A prosecutor has a legal and ethical obligation to protect victims of crimes.

Nash admitted in her testimony she did not know, at the time of her letter, that Paden had confessed to the crime and pled guilty.