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You could talk to them about your views on any topic going by.

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However, there is a problem here and that is you have to meet certain requirements like the karma, token etc.

These are things which you could obtain by talking to the users in the left panel. Once you have a threshold equal to that, you could easily talk to them.

To know more about this app visit its official website and have fun there. is a free chat website which guarantees 100% anonymity.

users can create your own room under the name of Guests here on any topic.

It has 70 types of rage faces (emoticons) which are unique in nature.

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    Or you can surprise your partner out of the blue by doing something for them, be it a chore or breakfast in bed one weekend morning. You can send a line about how eager you are to meet them in the evening, or you can even use it to say something naughty to make your sweetheart blush and go pink!

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