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"People customize their avatars with animations and enormous e-phalluses which you can buy.

It's a player-generated economy and people exchange things they have created - someone builds it, someone buys it and someone puts it into action." For people participating in this, he adds, the sexual chat is more important than the avatar having sex, which acts more like a prop to get their imagination going. As crude, pixelated representations of humans, avatars can't flex individual muscles, says Gabby Kent, a lecturer in computer games at the University of Teesside.

And although they can use the mouse and keyboard to move their character and pick things up, he says, the on-screen graphic depiction is very rudimentary.

Undressing another character without their consent is not possible.

‘For the last six months the internet had become one of the main things in her life.’ A spokesman for Hampshire Police said: ‘Her disappearance is being investigated and police are in regular contact with her family.‘We believe she caught a train from Fareham station after 8am on Thursday, May 13, possibly to Southampton Central or London.‘At this stage we believe Annemarie planned to leave home as she took her possessions with her and it looks like she planned her journey.