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Assertions are made about the oppression and the lack of rights of "Arab women" in general, the inflated debate about honor killings is revived, or discussions revolve around the gruesome practice of female circumcision.

An image of hopelessness is portrayed in the media and any search of bookstore shelves devoted to the Arab world usually reveals not much more than the personal stories of oppressed women, who only narrowly escaped the violence of male dominated family clans.

All of these stories could belong to any woman, and director Nadine Labaki thereby omits the clichés about Arab women to concentrate on the lives and loves of her characters.

They don't define themselves as "Western" or "Arabic," but above all as people with typical human joys and problems.

Women's stories from a beauty salon This diversity is also present in Nadine Labaki's film Caramel (Sukkar Banat), without a doubt the highlight of the festival.