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I get so much junk that it is often tough to distinguish between what could be a real opportunity and what isn’t. I suspect we still do it for free; when we decide to, this is. I wish I had a place to go and find sexy ones like this, but it really just came directly to me.

Good for you for dedicating some time from the start – it looks like it paid off. :-) I’ve never made that much with one survey before, I usually stick w/ the quick and easy ones. ;-) Reply I have a couple of survey/research companies I’ve done some with. As to the Universe – I suppose it was trying to tell you something. Reply Hmmm…I’d say the easiest money in the “side job” ring would be getting paid to review companies on my blog or web site. @Growing My Own – Haha, probably grow something AWESOME from it ;) @Melissa @ Broke TO – HAH! Nicely played, my friend :) @Jennifer – Oooooh I like that one! But really, I’d totally do a LOT for $150 ;) Especially if I already know the answers or I just have to give opinion, that’s easy. Via email, which is why I thought it looked kinda spammy.

:) Reply I made a cool $125 the other day doing a phone survey about advertising.

I was online w/the surveyor at the same time, and he showed me various ads and then asked me what I liked and didn’t like about them. I did a post a while back on my favorite paid survey sites (I’m a bit of a survey queen myself): J$, how did you find this particular survey? Reply You make a great point about taking a minute to respond for more details rather than just hitting delete. My problem is that I’m not a huge “consumer” of the kinds of things they are probably looking for – no kids, not buying a new car soon, don’t subscribe to any magazines, etc. I have never done it and I am not even certain how spread this is on old, crumbly Europe.

This one was kinda specific, and once word leaked filled up pretty quickly, but I’d love to help y’all find some fun & easy surveys to take too for a nice chunk of change :) Maybe someone reading this will have a connection to a place that offers this kinda stuff up?