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As I explained in part one, we find it very easy to come up with excuses to remain friends that essentially are codewords and phrases for not wanting to let go and not loving ourselves enough.The problem with when we want to be friends with a Mr Unavailable or assclown is that we’re not 1) truly considering our own feelings and being real about him and the relationship, and 2) we’re not thinking about the future.So they stay in your life knowing that the likelihood is that you will continue to be emotionally invested, even though they’re not.

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People like to be polite, and guys hate looking like bastards, even when they are.

If you don’t make the token gesture of being friends, there could be a rather uncomfortable silence in the air and we all know that human nature makes us say something to fill in the gap.

All of this leads to choosing better partners, and inadvertently, building better relationships with family and friends.

Exes, especially assclowns and Mr Unavailables, are not memorabilia for you to collect up and carry around with you in the form of your relationship past entourage.

In part one, I gave you a whole host of reasons why it’s foolhardy to pursue friendship with a Mr Unavailable and/or assclown and also explained why you may want to pursue friendship with them.