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Deciding You're Ready to Ask Your Friend Out Finding the Best Circumstances to Ask Them Out Preserving Your Friendship Community Q&A You have a good friend that you enjoy spending time with, and you want to get to know them on a more intimate level. What if it doesn’t work out and your friendship is ruined?

Asking out a friend can be nerve wracking because it involves a shift in the type of relationship the two of you share.

One of my favorite forms, this pepperpot is colored in a deep sky blue and accented at the rim with deep brown bands and engine turning covered in a green glaze. It has a three color wavy earthworm or cable in blue, white and brown. The bowl is plentifully decorated with two waves of cat's eyes in blue white and brown slip on a wide orange band. The figures of the shephard and shepardess and the sheep are mold cast and applied to the main vessel. As you turn the piece you keep getting more of its beautiful detail, like the coloration of the man and woman's clothing stunning hand painted seascape. Unfortunately I have no idea who the talented artist is.

It is in excellent condition with only 2 very tiny flakes. The top in engine turned in a sort of herringbone pattern. There is a tight hairline crack and some scattered losses to parts of the sheep and floral material but overall considering the size, type and extent of decoration the condition is very good.

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