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Though, later in life, her mother returned to her, Gia never got over her sense of abandonment."Gia did a lot of things just to get her mother's attention," one friend later said.

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Plucked from obscurity, Gia Carangi's looks redefined beauty for a generation.

But her life - and untimely death - were anything but a fairytale.

One nurse, not knowing who she was, chatted about how a local photographer wanted to take some photos of her daughter. You don't want your kid to be a model."On 18 November 1986 Gia Carangi died, of Aids. She had, said her agent, Wilhelmina Cooper, "a fantastically pliable face"; she could be really sophisticated in one shooting and be a real Lolita type in another".

Stephen Fried's biography, Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia, records the patient's response: "Don't do it. Scavullo, the photographer, who died last year, wrote of her: "Gia is my darling - old, young, decadent, innocent, volatile, vulnerable, and more tough-spirited than she looks."She is all nuance and suggestion, like a series of images by Bertolucci ...

The abuse occurred only once, but she was traumatised by the incident.