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“When the focus is primarily on Christ, your security isn’t wrapped up in how the other person does or does not respond.

Other than your relationship with Christ, your marriage is the most import one you can have.

We always reap what we sow, and God honors hard work at relationships.” Chip Ingram is an accomplished author and the senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California.

For decades, Chip Ingram has been teaching men and women how to become better spouses. Motivated by pain from dysfunctional families, they sought counseling.

Long before he was helping other couples navigate the waters of marriage, Ingram and his wife, Teresa, needed help for their own relationship.

It costs money to tune up your car, and it often costs money to tune up your marriage—and your marriage is infinitely more important than your car.” He advises that each married couple spend some time alone, away from all distractions and relax together, pray together, and “put gas in the spiritual tank.” Nevertheless, a strong, Christ-centered marriage takes hard work.