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We’d like to keep it around 0 or less if possible.

Short answer: Get Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 6 for or use their existing computer for free. We actually have a similar problem in my family, too, with everyone on different mobile platforms. To get Mom and Dad on the Face Time train, your cheapest option would be to get them an i Pod Touch, which is like a phone-less i Phone.

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Starting today, Group Video Chat is rolling out to Android and i OS devices, and the desktop version of Messenger, worldwide.

More and more people use messaging in groups for lots of different reasons like keeping everyone up to date, planning a family vacation or to share a few jokes.

We might be old but we are young at heart and have more experience in life.

It's ironic that Valverde means "green valley." Those days are long gone, as this neighborhood has quite an industrial feel with all the warehouses and distribution centers.

With 245 million people making video calls in Messenger every month, now we’re bringing everyone on Messenger the ability to turn group chats into face-to-face conversations no matter where you are – whether you’re down the street or halfway across the world.