Help dating recovering addict

I'm dating a guy who is two years clean and goes to three NA meetings a week.

I've known him for four years, and we talked during his rehab, but lost touch afterwards until recently.

He has had no relapses and is doing absolutely great. I tried to be supportive..the deeper he got into the "program" the worse things got..became very abusive.

I went to an NA meeting with him, and was amazed by the great people there, and I'm so glad he has such a good support group, but I want to be there for him as well. His sponser didn't believe in anyone taking anything other than aspirin, so this guy went off his doctor perscibed meds (for PTSD)..would be moody and just snap and hit the wall or the dog. Even though I NEVER drank infront of him or when I would see him (and quit drugs all on my own years before I met him), he decided my social drinking was a problem... I was suddenly not allowed to drink at all - it would kill me..

and the people were NOT nice after the first meeting.

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