dating online in canada - Help is updating to reflect

This update will need to be made from the feed source.

For example, if your listings are syndicated to Zillow from your brokerage, the status has to be changed through the broker feed directly.

Consequently, a user firing an event and hitting our Engagement API does not trigger an update to a user’s Last Seen People property.

On October 30 an update was processed which includes the latest dissemination of the Bulletin Board on Statistical Capacity (BBSC).

Given the disparate types of data, Engagement data (events) and People data (profiles) live in two entirely separate datastores.

A user’s Activity Feed groups all events fired by a particular distinct_id and is populated from Mixpanel’s Engagement data.

While you can view a user’s Activity Feed within his/her People profile, a user’s Activity Feed is not connected to the People datastore.