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They seem to have this colonized mentality and inferiority complex; they can only bring negativity on somebody else who they consider below them.” Ara Mgrdichian, co-director of Herbert Hoover High School’s Student Resource Center and a violence prevention specialist, has similar sentiments.

“You just got here, someone looks at you wrong, what do you cling to?

You cling to your identity,” he says, adding that because many from both ethnicities live in quasi-poverty, this type of behavior gives them a sense of empowerment.

Michael Sarkissian, who is of Salvadorian and Armenian descent, experienced discrimination while growing up as a child of two cultures, even though his parents saw past their own backgrounds enough to marry.

In 1990, the city was home to 30,000 Armenians and 37,000 Hispanics, and while the start of the new millennium saw that number of Armenians increase to 50,000, the Hispanic population increased by a mere 1,000, according to the U. Naturally, turf situations began to develop, spilling over into the schools where kids spend the majority of their days.