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This course will focus on the mental state of your Bernese Mountain Dog, show you why your dog is aggressive, teach you how to solve the problem once and for all, and end your worries about dealing with frustrated family members, unnerved pets, or worst of all, possibly having to give up the dog you love so much.

Face-to-face greetings are not recommended immediately, but simply experiencing positive things in the other dog’s presence such as walking or other activities at a comfortable distance can help build a positive association.

Parallel walking, following the calm dog and sniffing the behind before a facial greeting can have real benefits, but this is better done under the supervision of a qualified positive trainer to guide initial interactions. Dog parks are not recommended for dog aggressive dogs or dogs that play too roughly, as smaller spaces with no place to run, can be overwhelming and cause a bad reaction.

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Imagine - you can ask any question you like - Unlike other training methods, our Training Course portrays aggression as a mental state that your Bernese Mountain Dog exhibits rather than a problem that you have to solve.

Just as some people are overwhelmed being in a crowd, so too are dogs and solitary walks or walking with a small group contributes to a much happier dog and safer interactions.