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Just take a look at Createer Design Templates and imagine placing such content within your pages. Createer also offers Word Press plugin and Joomla plugin, so that you can edit your pages visually right within the Word Press or Joomla, instead of writing text using the basic text editor.

Or if you create HTML websites, try adding the Createer Button to your pages, which will let you edit your content right within your website.

You can use Createer for free for creating basic designs, while more advanced designs may cost $1 or more, depending on the features and number of images you use. When you sign up for Createer you’ll receive $5 in free credits to try it out and create your initial design(s). August 27, 2014 Artisteer 4.3 for Windows is finally here!

We'd like to thank everyone who helped us to test and prepare this version for today's release.

If this doesn't solve it send me an email, with the url of the page with problem and version of the plugin. A donation is also very welcome (see sponsors) Have fun with the plugin.