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As this correspondent tried to be one of them in one such chat group, all the horror stories of spouses on H4 dependent visas suddenly came to life.

The H-4 dependent visa holders mostly women are denied social security numbers and, in many states, even driver's licences.

AHMEDABAD: Wife 1: 'It's getting boring and the mind thinks unnecessary things while sitting idle at home.'Wife2: 'Why not give wife swapping a try? till we don't try it how do we know it is bad for us all..'Wife3: 'My husband and I had participated in one encounter with swinging. There are many clubs in New York city, where you can become a member of the swinging clubs.' Shocked? This is a line of conversation on an internet chat group formed by Indian wives in the US on H-4 visas.

Most of them are highly-qualified women who left plush jobs in India to move to the US on H-4 a visa that prohibits you from working in the land of opportunities.

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