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Many lines have been crossed over the past ten years with hair conditioning descriptions, advantages and disadvantes.

Finishing rinses have been replaced with rinse out conditioners, instant conditioning treatments and even conditioning shampoos designed to soften and smoothe while cleansing the hair. It all depends on the hair type, texture, current condition, length, chemical condition (colored, straightened, relaxed, texturized) and ultimate styling goals.

Post shampoo rinse-out conditioners which are also known as finishing rinses and instant conditioners 4. Conditioning detanglers designed to condition while detangling after shampoo sessions 9.

Best for hair that chemically treated, damaged, naturally curly or kinky.

Disadvantages: Depending on the ultimate goal of the pre-conditioning treatments, they can be time consuming and even messy when using hot oils or hair masks.

The shampoo and the conditioner may actually work at cross purposes.

Not recommended for any type of hair other than fine or limp hair that is chemically untouched.

In addition, there are conditioners formulated for chemically treated hair or extremely damaged hair.