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Christopher Jones-Cruise adapted his report for VOA Learning English.

I think, while the Jubilee government would like to move on, you know, the NASA coalition has dug in and I think we’ll continue to see more and more of this discussion in the weeks ahead...” Kenyan business and religious leaders have called for calm.

At least nine people have died from election-related violence since Thursday. Correspondent Mohammed Yusuf reported this story from Kisumu, Kenya.

The commission says 98 percent of Kenyans who marked ballots in the presidential election last week voted for Kenyatta. Six weeks ago, Kenya’s Supreme Court cancelled Kenyatta’s victory in elections held in August.

The court ruled that the commission did not follow the constitution and law. About 80 percent of registered voters marked ballots in the August elections. Opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew as a presidential candidate about a month ago.

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