Free nasty video chat - Last fm not updating

but if neither are working then you've more than likely got issues with your winamp install and should do a clean install and go from there.other than that, client issues need to be reported to them and issues with the plugin i linked to may be rectified if/when i find the time to do so.

No idea whether that would do the trick (or even work at all) here.

Originally posted by Wolfgang Whatever I do, I can't get this to work. Just tried that and it doesn't seem to be working, unfortunately.

For all the disappointed people who get a country warning: The official client works on ATV Flash, regardless where you are in the world.

Just move a copy into the applications folder and you're up and running. Even tried creating a new account using obscure names and received dialog saying username already taken.

Thanks I have a TV flash and live in Belgium, for some reason says it's not available in my country What can I do ... FM Belgium shouldn't be the problem I bought the whole package because of and now the tells me I cant use it in my country.