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“I meet a lot of people online because of my celebrity,” he tells us, “and I know when someone’s online persona matches up with who they are in person.

After these questions, you write what you’re passionate about and what you’re most grateful for, and wrap things up with your partner preferences and some more basic details like your education, occupation, etc.

Finally, upload a profile photo (optional), and you’re registered.

Lavalife is great for his mom, he says, and people who are living their life on the straight and narrow.

“Nobody here is looking for the cowboys and weirdos,” he tells us “There are other places on the internet for that.” Werner repeatedly referred to his “celebrity” as though it were a physical thing rooted to his person. He seemed to view it as the source of a superpower-like instinct for judging the human character.

” We caught up with Zack Werner (of former former fame), one of the judges who had selected the long list of thirty, to see what he thought about the nature of singledom. “I hope you’re getting paid.” We asked him how much he was making.