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Later, at the celebration party, the defense lawyer realized his client was guilty as sin."I know how she did it," he whispered to his investigator. "She had party balloons on the ceiling of the parking garage directly over his car.

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After playing it coy with the media, the couple all but admitted to being in an exclusive relationship when paparazzi caught the two kissing outside Malibu, after being seen in public together several times.

Conrad, who has since moved on from her reality TV days to come forward as an author, fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur, has also been romantically linked to minor league baseball player Doug Reinhart, and fellow reality stars Jason Wahler and Stephen Colletti. If anyone knows to stay busy while coping with a breakup, it's Conrad, who - in addition to multiple blog posts - is squeezing in some outdoor recreation, according to her Twitter account. 2nd day in a row I have almost stepped on a snake while hiking! The couple's split comes just months after denying engagement rumors.

Now, if only she'd dish about her new man William Tell!

July 2008 - June 2011These two were photographed around the Los Angeles area looking very close, but seemed to want to keep this one away from the camera's lens.

Kyle Howard loved Lauren Conrad -- but apparently not 'The Hills'.