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second , no one will or think even to marry her because in our society the girl who use internet a lot , she consider as abad girl . :cry:hi everybody , i am very glad to write this to search a new friends (only girls please) becaude i am very poor :cry: in english and i want to improve it by chatting if u (i mean girls only )to chat with me please write ur emil and i hope it is from hotmail . Regards, Nabeel Any one can write me e-mail [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] from UAE .. Internet spreads our horizon, u can learn from it, and it's very useful when it comes to school homework.

that all i can say for u asd sorry Hello Sara, Welcome to the forum, although I am new also. Best regardshye, i am new one here..........name is amara n i am from pakistan.i am little weak in english but i hope that i will improve soon :) by talking to u ,i will impove my english.i just wanna talk to girls so hope to chat with good friend(girls only) bye ALLAH HAFIZHello Sara, How are you doing ?

Sorry for offtopic but it's very interesting for course yes , because islam prevent chatting between boys and girls for many reasons. As many Muslim women wear Scarf or veil do you know it reduces the risk of Skin Cancers up to 99% in the same way all other obligations have their respective benefits, many science has discovered and some undiscovered yet! I hope all girls and boys in the UAE will be like you.. I'm christian and he's jewish so i cannot say religion is a problem. I don't see any harm done in chatting only...it's not like u have physical contact and the person could do something to u.

i will say to u some of them : first they may start by friends but may end by bad relationships between them because some boys send a bad pictures for her beteem his friends . Any way Best wishes to u all and a silence moment for all the tsunami effected Peoples in Asia; in fact it is a great human disaster…. If u find out u don't like him/her u simply close the chat window, change email address.... Are muslims too tempted to do "bad" things according to their religion?

that all i can say for u asd sorry READ IMPORTANT Salam i would like to correct what my sister in islam just said over here. Next I'm very happy because there are a lot of musulmans in this forum who can defend the muslims girls .