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A third (and, reportedly, final) series of the show will air later this year – but will it be enough to save the pair from the critical blitzkrieg that landed on them last week?

First up for a pasting was their much-anticipated new series of sketches, Horne & Corden (BBC3), which the Daily Telegraph's reviewer thought was "about as funny as credit default swaps", and the New Statesman dismissed as "puerile and excruciating".

Gavin and Stacey worked because, like most great sitcoms, it fed upon matters that were not inherently funny – class, insecurity, the strains of friendship, isolation, the siege mentality of the white working class, the South East v The Rest of the Country divide – and treated them with kindness, insight and humour.

From nowhere, the show took off, drawing an audience of more than seven million to last year's Christmas special, and in its first season won the Bafta award for best new TV comedy, followed last year by the outright best comedy award.

Harry Venning, TV critic of The Stage, wrote, "The whole thing was terrible" and complained that the pair seemed to think that they only had to turn up to get laughs.2 Both men swear a lot.