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Lindsay Lohan has always been a sucker for a ladies' man.Rumor has it that, post-rehab, the actress who counts Wilmer Valderrama, Jared Leto, and restaurateur Harry Morton among her exes, has cozied up to reality star Matt Nordgren, from Bravo's "Most Eligible Dallas." Nordgren is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Texas, whose resume includes years working as a partner in the family energy business, starting his own spin-off consulting firm, and founding an organization to help inner-city youth.While he sounds perfect on paper, people who caught the short-lived 2011 show will remember that Nordgren wasn't the most loyal boyfriend.

Out of rehab and living relatively drama free in New York City, (well, except for Dina Lohan’s DUI) the latest on Lindsay Lohan is decidedly wholesome: she’s dating handsome Texan football star Matt Nordgren.

Lohan first met Nordgren, 30, a former University of Texas football star who played one season with the Philadelphia Eagles, and then starred on the 2011 Bravo reality show Most Eligible Dallas, seven years ago.

Lohan's rep declined to comment on the star's personal life.

However, the former University of Texas football player has dished that he and 27-year-old Lindsay, who met seven years ago through mutual friends, are strictly platonic."We've hung out," he said.

Dina has lied, enabled, pimped, lied some more and obstructed justice all for her cracked-out daughter and this is the thanks she gets?