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The next day when we returned to the hotel after our excursion, we decided to check our travel bumble. Each day one or two new arrivals on the island popped up. Now that the full team was here, we decided to say yes!The guy I was chatting with wasn’t a native but had lived on the island for about ten years.Hal’s is an illegal karaoke bar with cheap and strong drinks. However, being that Hal’s is technically squatting and not an actual bar, it has no bathroom (It kind of reminds me of Cyril’s in Amagansett — I feel a blog post coming on parking lot bars around the world).

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The street is best known for its nightlife, and one of the best party places on the island.

So it’s only fitting this is where our Travel Bumble adventure would begin.

She met a New Yorker about 15 minutes down the road in Oistins, in Barbados for some surfing.

They made a tentative plan to maybe meet up during the week or at least when they were both back in New York.

In Barbados, we decided to be a little more adventurous!

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    stone sculpture 12 x 5 x 4 1/2" Isace Petaulassie serpentine polar bear signed ISACIE,37.