Microsoft dns reverse lookup zone not updating

I scoured the internet for a solution and found none, but it was mentioned somewhere that I should enable "option 81" on my EX4200 DHCP server. and does anyone know how to configure "option 81" and what is needed to be configured on the Microsoft DNS server side ?

microsoft dns reverse lookup zone not updating-73

(For more information about Event Viewer, see "Troubleshooting Tools" earlier in this chapter.) Otherwise, you see a list of all the records in the domain.

Next, query for the SOA record by typing the following and pressing ENTER: If your server is configured correctly, you see an SOA record.

Some customers have reported issues with Microsoft Dynamic Updates after installing virtual appliances (VAs) in their environment or installing the Umbrella Roaming Client on some machines.

The most commonly reported symptom is that clients cannot resolve A or PTR records for other client machines while using the VAs or the Roaming Client for DNS resolution.

The roaming client is lightweight software installed on Windows machines which takes in the client’s DNS queries and conditionally forwards them to Umbrella anycast resolvers.