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Sam rented his four stores out to a revolving cast of businesses over the years.

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Even though it was not a permitted use during Prohibition, the first tavern here opened immediately after Repeal. In 1953 Gene and Alex Ciesielski, by then the owners of bar and building, put $2,000 into the place, lowering some windows, having the doors swing out, and installing the stone veneer seen under the windows today.

On July 20th, 1934, upholsterer Bartman packed up his hammer, spit the tacks out of his mouth and turned the keys to the northernmost storefront over to Thomas Fellows. Quick opened a law office in one suite, while the Rite-Way Market, and the Fix-It shop shared the building with the attorneys and the tiny saloon. This tan stone was considered the height of class in its day.

All the way at the end you will note two pool tables, well lit and well provisioned.

There are also two skeeball machines, electronic darts and a shuffleboard table.

In 1990 a change in the bathroom allowed the capacity of 80 to be increased to 150, and a grease fire in the boiler cost $500 in property damage on November 25th, 1990.