when to have dating ultrasound - Nigerian dating scam aka romance scam

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.it all wound up costing us a total of $50.4 million.

That’s the total reported losses from a collection of 5,663 romance-specific complaints. Victims forked out, typically, for airline tickets or to supposedly help out their newfound love.

As far as the victim is concerned, they believe what they are experiencing is the real thing – that the picture of the person they chat with is real.

The person they are chatting with, while revealing their deepest desires, really does care about them. So once a “relationship” has been established, it doesn’t always seem odd that their cyber soul mate may need a few dollars.

Any criminal entrepreneur can see that they should be combining these two money-makers and running FBI romance scams. Or even work-for-the-FBI-from-home-for-a-really-hot-FBI-boss-who-secretly-loves-you scam. They’d rake it in, since FBI agents have a tendency to look like super agent Jason Bourne, aka Matt Damon, all buff and square-jawed. It shows FBI agents sneaking a server back after they maybe glued some tracking software into its innards.