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A right-angle viewing attachment (DR-3) and an Eyepiece Magnifier (DG-2) were also available.

Interchangeable Focusing Screens: The F3's five interchangeable viewfinders could be paired with 15 interchangeable focusing screens which were unique to the F3.

Nikon made three main styles of manual focus lenses. When the lens was mounted properly the camera could meter at full aperture, but the lens/camera combination had to be manually indexed to the maximum aperture of the lens in use. AI lenses had a small tab on the aperture ring that engaged the meter on the camera body. The metering prong was preserved for use with Non-AI camera bodies.

Eyepiece Correction Lenses in diopters from 3 to -5 were available for standard eye level finders, and 2 to -3 for the HP finders.

Sophisticated Electronic Metering: The F3 was the first camera in the Nikon F series to locate the meter in the body of the camera, not the prism.

Of course, batteries are cheap, and this problem was more theoretical than practical.

Eventually even many diehard F and F2 fans adopted the F3 in spite of its battery dependence.

Users found it hard to resist the camera's sleek appearance, aperture priority exposure automation, TTL-flash capabilities, ball-bearing shutter advance, quartz-timed shutter, mirror lock-up, and rugged durability.