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But for the obsessive compulsive these ideas rule their life.To make matters worse, the whole dilemma is largely unconscious – that is, the obsessive compulsive doesn't even know that the potential loss of love is ruling their life.When problems arise, their self-worth is left perilously dangling over an abyss of self-doubt, and at those junctures obsessive compulsives often plunge into desperate, guilt filled, depression.

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In fact, most of the time things go so right for someone who is obsessive compulsive that there really doesn't appear to be much wrong.

Doing things "right" and being "good" leads to hard work and a job well-done.

Because they tend to overlap quite a bit, they are often confused with one another.

In this article, I discussed aspects of obsessive compulsive disorder to the extent that they are involved in the obsessive compulsive personality.

They don't realize it, however, because, oddly, their experience of trying to prove their loved doesn't feel that way at all.