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I should begin this review by saying that I understand that other people don't have the same experiences of me.

In fact, that's why I listen to certain podcasts; because I want to see if I can somehow get a taste of what it's like to see through someone else's eyes.

Especially when you consider the next episode (episode 3) where she's "meddling" with two people on a date.

The difference between great journalism and op-ed pieces is that great journalism is investigatory and neutral in nature.

This podcast feels like it's trying to be investigatory, but instead comes across as judgmental and no different than any Fox News talking-head about a subject of particular interest to the creator.

This is precisely why I don't trust her judgement, because she was hoping two people would kiss after their quiz, or interview, or whatever you want to call that awkward date/interrogation was that they were on.

If she believes this was a successful date, then I'd be afraid to be romantically involved with her since I don't think she understands what love is.

It's not a terribly put-together thing, all things considered.