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Ruby: The costumes make your back ache if you’re in them for too long.

All the other actresses don’t seem to eat, and they say it’s because they’re in their corset, but I’m always filling my face!

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I’m awful at staying in touch with people so I invited loads of people I hadn’t spoken to in ages, and they didn’t come!

They probably didn’t come because I haven’t spoken to them for so long! John Dagleish was there – he plays Alf Arless, my ‘love interest’ in Lark Rise – so that was lovely.

No one realises when they watch it how cold we were. In the post office interior scenes, I often get the giggles – Ruby can set me off with her facial expressions! But I don’t want any children for another five or six years – and they might not be with him, of course! We’re both only 21 and he might be the one, but we’re not rushing into anything. Olivia, you first came to people’s attention in Sugar Rush, Channel 4’s teenage lesbian drama series – do fans still recognise you from that? ’ We did two series, but I think it’s good to leave something when it’s at its peak – and I wouldn’t have got Lark Rise if I’d done another Sugar Rush. I’m still very good friends with Lenora Crichlow, who played Sugar, and we’re up for doing something.

Do you have any more interesting storylines coming up? She was filming the new series of Being Human in Bristol while we were in Bath filming Lark Rise, so we were able to meet up quite a bit.

Laura also gets involved in a love triangle towards the end of the series…