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reports that the proposal went down some time during the Golden Globes weekend.

Dunst, 34, and Plemons, 28, first met during the second season of the FX show.

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BUTwho decided to cast Orlando Bloom in this movie? And it made this "quirky" theme in this movie just icky to me. Then he has this long nasty looking hair in these close ups the next. And also I am kinda over this "Southerners are weird .

THey show him running and he is so geeky--running with his shoulders up above his ears and his slinky body flailing all over the sidewalk.

In that piece, author Nathan Rabin coined the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” to describe the character type embodied by Kirsten Dunst, but she’s actually not the movie’s most problematic performer.

(He's 36, while Romeo is traditionally a teenage character.) Bloom's beauty is so ethereal, one could easily imagine a young woman giving her life for it. Days before graduating drama school, Bloom was cast as the dreamy elf-prince Legolas in the .

When he gets home he decides to kill himself but instead is stopped by a call that his dad is dead. Over all I would say the message here is a good one. Settling down with sincere honest real people is good.